Born on August 6 in INDIA, 1983


​An engineer by profession, started working as Assistant Professor with a graduation in Master of Energy Engineering early in 2009 from PSG college of Technology. Later on my academia activities stirs slightly on novel creation - a thought process that can be visually accomplish, where my passion triggers towards in publishing technical journals, fiction books and also in developing innovative products and services.

Energy Engineering

Master of Engineering

Electrical & Electronics

Bachelor of Engineering

My research is multi-disciplinary in nature, spans in energy, electro-mechanical, mechanical and electrical engineering. Moreover, I have significant  work experience as technical consultant, assistant professor and web developer. Consequently, my overall expertise in energy, mechanical, electrical engineering and computer science leads me to create a innovative solutions in engineering and its related technology applications.


I am not clever in all, but few of them knew that I am not too clumsy at their point of view, its all about understanding one's thought process. . .

Welcome, a place of information about my personal, professional and business passions. My tweets will take you through a quick time travel about my thoughts beyond passion. My infrequent updated blog articles can be access via blog page. For those who that cannot find answers here and knows some novelty technical information, let me know about it via mail. This page is twitter and facebook friendly connected, if you found some useful information, tweet or like it with your friends about me.

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